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Mahalaxmi Group of Companies with its Head Office at Guwahati was established way back in 1985, and has now spread its wings to offices at various locations across India.

We are one of the largest importers of Thermal Coal and cater to the needs of our diverse customers in the West Coast and East Coast region of India. Mahalaxmi Continental Limited is the flagship company of Mahalaxmi Group which expects to touch turnover of above Rs.900.00 Crores.

Presently, the Group leads in bulk imports, domestic sale/purchase of Coal, and leads manufacturing of Coke catering to its Rich clientele across the country covering North, East, West, and Central India. The Group has also started the export of Coke from the current financial year and has already exported one shipment in July 2021, and another shipment shall take place in Early September 2021.

Naveen Singhal

Chairman Wisdom

Market has a huge deal to offer to each one of us but it is the sheer courage to utilize the opportunity that makes one different.

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The ultimate objective is a good influence on the environment, people, and society.


We are motivated by charitable duty to the cause of society


We strive to ensure that all stakeholders, including leadership are treated fairly.


Reducing pollution, the use of single-use plastics

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