Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision Statement

Our Mission

Mission and Vision

Mahalaxmi Group is adhering to the shared vision of scientific and harmonious development, attaching equal importance to corporate growth & employees’ development, economic performance & natural environment preservation and resources utilization enhancement & resources reserves expansion, and has obtained recognition of employees, the society and the market.

It is dedicated to diligently applying their mining expertise to attain economic advantages.

  • Perform unique operations
  • Maximize transportation advantages
  • Cultivate unique partnerships
  • Sustain efficiency and standardization
  • Follow Systematic procedures

Our Vision

To be India’s “Most Customer Centric Business House” and is committed to being the energy supplier and employer of first choice, and through significant investment in research, technology, safety and environment, is securing a sustainable future for India and the Coal industry.

Our Commitment

  • Building Shareholder Value
  • Maintaining Quality in our Products
  • Inspire our Employees to be the best they can be.