Mahalaxmi India Pvt. Ltd.

Mahalaxmi India Pvt. Ltd.

M/s. Mahalaxmi India Pvt. Ltd. is the leading company in Import coal trading and high GCV coal from Coal India Ltd. (CIL).

Under the Management & administration of Mr. Naveen Singhal & Mr. Naveen Kumar Mittal the company is fully engaged in procuring coal from CIL and Importers and Selling same in common market to thousands of brick kiln industry and other allied industries including various manufacturing units.

Acquiring it from CIL and other importers, large scale supply of coal is done through Indian Railways to the end users.

We are also planning to import coal directly to cater to the need of our consumers at a cost efficient rate to the manufactures and end users. We aim to produce and market the planned quantity of coal and coal products efficiently and economically in an eco-friendly manner with due regard to safety, quality and conservation.

Mahalaxmi India Pvt. Ltd.
Address: Kabaitory, Jogighopa, Assam
Mr. Naveen Singhal & Mr. Naveen Mittal
Mobile: +91 99540 29451, +91 94357 34972