Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

Mahalaxmi Group was established in 1985. With the passage of time it has Evolved itself from a Family-run Business to a Dynamic Group of Talented Professionals who share the same Vision & Goal for the company. From underground and surface mining to coal processing to transportation, we strive to be the kind of company you’d be proud to work for – and proud to have as your neighbour.

Over the years, the Group’s business has grown exponentially in Coal Trading Industry and other business sectors and the Group’s simple Philosophy is to expand mining operations throughout India.

In its Quest for Excellence, the Group has always fulfilled its Targets and has remained committed to its Futuristic Goals.

A Vision to venture beyond the mundane; to forecast potential opportunities and to cater to the Demand-Supply Gap for Coal, the Most Dominant Fossil Fuel energy source in India’s energy scenario. Our dedication starts with hiring the best people who take a personal stake in adhering to the safest, most productive ways to do their job.

Mahalaxmi Group has the Distinction of being one of the Largest Coal Trading houses in North Eastern India.
Every day is a new beginning for us. The company traverses that extra mile having Integrated Business Interests such as – Coal mining, Coke manufacturing, Real Estate, to name a few.

Naveen SinghalNaveen Singhal
Chairman, Mahalaxmi Group