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Passion is the difference between having a job or having a career. Be Unique. Stay Enthusiastic. Be Real. However you want to say it, we mean it! We at Mahalaxmi Group believe “Opportunities don’t happen, you create them”. Our most vital resource are its employees that help us reaching our organisational goal by maintaining Professionalism and Sustenance. Explore opportunities that can take your career to next level. Discover your world you can believe in and Future proof your career at Mahalaxmi Group.

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HR Policy

The Approach of the Mahalaxmi Group’s Human Resource policy is the belief that the well-being of the company and of its people is interdependent, treating all employees fairly and equally is the key objective of the Group as they are the company’s most valuable assets.

Our Human Resource Policy helps in communicating values and expecting how things are done in our organisation.

Our Resolutions

  • To provide clear communication between the Group and their employees regarding their condition of employment.
  • Communication of the policy and procedures adapted to the entire organization.
  • Identify the purpose and objectives to reach the organisational goals.
  • Continuous revaluation and revision of policy to meet the current needs of the organization.
  • Clear and specific, but provide enough flexibility to meet the changing conditions.
  • Comply with all appropriate law and regulation.
  • Agree with one another and reflect an overall true and fair view approach to all employees.

Company embraces certain core values in order to function ethically, effectively and prosper further. We Foster an environment of excellence for better performance.